Huawei Will Launch AI Chips

Author:OMO Release Date: Jul 31, 2017

July 31 news, Huawei in Twitter, Facebook and many other overseas social platform official account pushed a poster, content: "AI more than voice assistant." Further hinted that Huawei's artificial smart phone is coming soon.

Artificial intelligence is the biggest hotspot of the Internet this year, in addition to semantic analysis is only a small part of artificial intelligence, it also includes image recognition, neural networks and other complex disciplines.

Recently, all kinds of claims that equipped with artificial intelligence speaker products frequently released. But in fact these artificial smart speakers more just act as a voice assistant role, which in the current smart phone, has been a common application.

Huawei released this poster, people have to think of the performance report in the first half yesterday, Huawei CEO Hou Chengdong revealed, Huawei will launch this year, artificial intelligence chip. He said at the time, Huawei will be the first to launch the AI chip equipped with mobile phone manufacturers.

"Future smartphones will be called smartphones." Yu Chengdong predicted that by 2025 more than 90% of smart end users will benefit from personalized, intelligent intelligent personal assistant services. And Huawei will be from the core, end, cloud strategy to build differentiated AI advantage, leading the future wisdom of the times.

There are speculation that, Yu Chengdong revealed this fall released this artificial intelligence chip, Huawei will be the latest generation of unicorn 970.

Also in early September, the annual IFA International Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Berlin, Germany. It is reported that Yu Chengdong will be in this exhibition to publish a speech, the theme is focused AI will give people what - it is not just a voice assistant. He will be in the speech will reveal Huawei in the artificial intelligence processor more detailed content. If you want to learn more information, please go to electronic components website.

Huawei launched EMUI5.1 last year, in addition to the operation of the underlying Andrews system to solve Andrews mobile phone with a long time easy to change Caton's common problem, but also provides a lot of intelligent services, such as situational assistants. Combined with the upcoming launch of the artificial intelligence processor, hardware and software after the combination of end products, is expected to bring more intelligent play.

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