Maxim Launched The MAX77650 / MAX77651 Power Management IC

Author:OMO Release Date: Jul 28, 2017

Maxim has introduced the MAX77650 / MAX77651 Power Management IC (PMIC) to help Bluetooth® headphones, event monitoring, smart garments, smart watches and other tightly constrained device developers increase battery life and efficiency.

Size is essential for ear-piercing equipment and wearable equipment. Most PMICs that support small, lithium-ion battery-powered devices also require additional devices such as boost, buck or low dropout (LDO) regulators, chargers, or current regulators for LED displays. To save space and improve efficiency, Maxim integrates all of these features to form a complete power solution with an area of only 19.2mm2 - 1/2 of the current solution size.

The MAX77650 and MAX77651 feature a single inductor multi-output (SIMO) buck-boost architecture that provides three-way power output with a single inductor, combined with 150mA LDO and three-way sink drivers, significantly reducing component count and maximizing board space. To improve design flexibility, the MAX77650 and MAX77651 support up to 3.3V and 5V operation respectively - Both devices include a multiplexed (MUX) output that ensures reliable monitoring of battery voltage and is ideal for low power design.

Main advantage

Minimum standby power consumption: 0.3μA; 5.6μA operating current

High efficiency: 3 output SIMO + LDO, effectively extend the life of lithium-ion battery

Minimum program size: The multi-channel SIMO regulator significantly reduces the number of components


"The MAX77650 offers a wide range of features for highly integrated wearable products, enabling us to achieve a new leap in the reduction of Bluetooth music headphones," said Tjapko Uildriks, chief executive officer of Dopple BV. "The MAX77650 integrates many advanced The product's basic power management features effectively help Dopple build high-quality Bluetooth music headset platforms. " You can buy them from

"It is predicted that the demand for consumer battery management ICs will achieve a 5% compound annual growth rate between 2017 and 2020," said Richard Eden, senior analyst at IHS Markit Technology. "In consumer applications, The battery management requirements for equipment, including earbuds, are the fastest growing and are expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 29% over the three years.

"Maxim, with its PMIC patented technology, uses the MAX77650 and MAX77651 to introduce the smallest ultra-low-power battery charging solution," said Scott Kim, executive vice president, Maxim Integrated Mobile Power Division. "We conducted the MAX77650 and MAX77651 for small battery applications Optimization, but also provide a variety of factory programming options, allowing customers tailored according to their own needs, so that products quickly listed.

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