Advantest Launched A New RND440 Type 3 Fixture

Author:OMO Release Date: Jul 27, 2017

Lead Tests Leader of the Semiconductor Test Equipment The RND440 Type 3 Fixture is equipped with a T6391 LCD Driver IC (DDI) test machine with a large-scale parallel test for the new generation of smart phone panels used in thin film flip chip package Cof) wafer. This fixture is designed to meet the ever-growing number of DDI pins, the ever-increasing interface speed, and the high degree of integration required for high resolution.

The mobile device has moved from the traditional glass flip chip package (CoG) drive IC to the use of more advanced CoF packaging technology, and this is a lot of factors behind. For example, today's smart phones begin to use the arc-shaped OLED screen, you need to use CoF packaging technology.

In addition to the CoF package, other technology developments have pushed up the industry's demand for better test solutions, including the number of DDI chip output pins for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other LCD screen devices Increase, and touch panel sensor chip (TDDI) electronic products more and more.

The new RND440 Type 3 fixture can be used for high pin count, high speed wafer testing, and also for CoF wafer testing in tape and wound packages. It can test all electronic components in the CoF package, including ICs that are commonly connected to the same thin film substrate , Passive components and data transmission required when the signal input line. The fixture has a maximum of 440 mm, and its large-scale parallel test capability is twice that of a single test rig on the market.

"The T6371 test system is the only highly parallel test system on the market for DDI and TDDI wafers," said Satoru Nagumo, executive vice president, ADS Business Unit, Aden Tests. Our test solutions are manufactured in the system manufacturing and engineering validation environment, With the TD1 chip test on the huge production capacity, and the lowest test costs. "You can buy it from electronic components website.

The T6391 test system for the Tewlett-Packard test maintains the T6300 product line's consistent engineering environment and TDL programming language, while providing faster data transfer and computing power and the only touch sensor capable of testing integration into DDI wafers (Touch-sensor) function and power management IC (PMIC) function of the test platform. The T6391 test system covers high-resolution DDI wafers with a pin count up to 3,584 feet, enough to test LCD panels for full HD, WXGA and HD720.

T6391 test system can handle the input and output frequency of up to 1.6 Gbps test, and the addition of high-frequency measurement film group, you can test the interface in one fell swoop to 6.5 Gbps, which is enough to test for ultra-high quality TV (such as 4K TV ) Of the DDI wafer.

The RND440 Type 3 fixture was officially shipped to customers earlier this year.

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