MediaTek Smartphone Chip Shipments Will Fall Below 370 Million Units

Author:OMO Release Date: Jul 24, 2017

According to Taiwan media reports, mobile phone chip supply chain pointed out that by the Andrews camp demand has not significantly pulled up, coupled with the impact of market share recession, MediaTek smartphone chip shipments this year, fear will fall below 370 million units, single smart phone Product line, the second half of the performance is not necessarily better than the first half year.

MediaTek operating in the second quarter, although the smooth touchdowns, but the mainland smart phone demand, the second quarter recovery is slow, lower than expected market conditions; into the third quarter, due to panel to 18: 9 full-screen trend established, but Due to tight supply, resulting in Andrews camp in the second half of the new machine plan deferred.

Plus Qualcomm this year's flagship 660,450 and other mobile platforms have been successful in the mid-range mobile phone market to grab a lot of market share, MediaTek third quarter share recession is a foregone conclusion.

Mobile phone chip supply chain pointed out that the new machine in the deferred and share decline, will affect the second half of MediaTek mobile phone chip shipments, the outside world estimates, will have been revised by 400 million units, and further down to 370 million sets of the following.

MediaTek two years is no longer announced the annual product line shipments target, only in the single-season conference to provide the previous quarter, the actual shipments and quarterly shipments estimates. To the most concerned about the main product smart phone, for example, no longer provide a single product shipments, but with the Tablet PC chip total.

In terms of last year's shipments, according to MediaTek has released data, smart phones and tablet electronic components shipments totaled 530 million to 550 million units; shipments in the first quarter of this year is 105 million to 110 million units, The second quarter is estimated to be 110 million to 120 million units, representing the first half of about 215 million to 230 million units.

The industry believes that in MediaTek and Tablet PC shipments, about 90% of the smart phone chip, the annual shipments of less than 370 million units, on behalf of the second half of the ship may not be higher than the first half, the second half I am afraid Rely on the digital home product line and Morningstar and other investment companies backing.

In order to save the market share, MediaTek has been active in the client to promote 16nm, support Cat 7's new "P23", priced only a dozen dollars, has been OPPO, Vivo test; if the progress is smooth, will be reflected in the first half amount of next year's shipments.

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