LG Enoch Launched The First Handrail UV LED Sterilizer In The World

Author:OMO Release Date: Jul 18, 2017

LG Enoch announced the launch of the world's first use of UV (ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet) LED strong light to completely remove the escalator hand on the bacteria "Handrail UV LED sterilizer."

Escalators or electric trails have thousands of contacts every day and are vulnerable to contamination. In addition to wiping a day with a rag 2-3 times, there has been no suitable sterilization method. This is one of the main reasons why people do not want to grab the handrail.

LG Eno has successfully developed in the escalator running in the process of continuous handrails for UV sterilization and installation, maintenance simple hand armor sterilizer. LG Inno's UV LED technology is the core.

Handrail UV LED Sterilizer Before escalator passengers grab the handrail, remove 99.99% of the surface of the handrail. The sterilizer is mounted on the front side of the handrail and the armrest is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Products to 278 nm (nm) wavelength of UV LED light bacteria DNA damage, from the source to block the infection. Do not use chemicals or heavy metals, harmless to the human body.

In addition, the product installation is very simple. No need to change the original equipment, in front of the armrest with a size of A4 paper half of the sterilization device can be. After the escalator is started, the sterilizer runs immediately.You can but it from electronic component distributors.

In particular, LG Inote's Handrail UV LED sterilizer does not need to be powered separately, is no power supply. The product uses the energy generated by the escalator handrail to generate electricity and therefore does not generate electricity.

LG Enoch Handrail UV LED sterilizer performance and stability of the global certification body certification. Products have been with the safety, environmental, health and other related EU (EU) CE certification and South Korea KC certification.

"This product is an innovative product that can improve hygiene and safety," the company official said.

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