Microchip Technology Inc. Launched A New Linear LED Drivers CL88020

Author:OMO Release Date: Jul 13, 2017

Microchip Technology Inc. today announced the availability of a new generation of continuous linear LED drivers for off-line lighting applications. The CL88020 is an extension of Microchip's popular CL88XX family of products designed to drive a long list of low-cost LEDs directly from 120 VAC input. With this product, customers can achieve high power factor (PF) switching in switching power supply switching, eliminating the need for LED lighting design, enabling reliable and cost-effective compact LED lighting applications.

"The transition from traditional lighting to LEDs is growing faster and faster, and Microchip offers a wide range of LED lighting products; customers are also constantly looking for better electronic solutions," said Keith Pazul, director of marketing for Microchip's analog, power and interface departments. And our new device is meeting their needs. "You can also buy them from electronic component distributors.

The CL88020 is designed to reduce the number of components in the drive circuit to achieve a very small and efficient design. The simpler the design, the easier it is to implement a single layer printed circuit board (PCB) design. Unlike the traditional AC-DC switch mode power supply, the basic drive circuit of the CL88020 IC contains only two small ceramic capacitors and a bridge rectifier, eliminating the need for high voltage capacitors, transformers or inductors, EMI filters or power factor corrections PFC) circuit. Compared to traditional LED solutions, the product not only reduces the size of the solution, but also reduces the bill of materials (BOM) total cost.

"The move from AC to direct drive helps our customers solve many of their design-related issues," said Pazul, who will enable customers to design a simpler, smaller, and more robust Performance LED lighting system.

Reference: PIC16C662T-04I/PT andMM5450BV TR